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A prosperous and sustainable future for all Manileños

Ensuring Manila’s reemergence as a leading global city will depend significantly on the City’s ability to create sustainable opportunities of prosperity for every Manileño. Attracting new investor and business locators are a core focus for Mayor Isko. Curating the conditions for future business success are key: from an innovative 40 per cent property tax reduction scheme announced weeks after taking office to seeking global best practices of urban regeneration, Mayor Isko is determined to help businesses come back to Manila, and succeed.


Preparing Manila for future shocks while creating new opportunities

Development of a comprehensive new land use plan – the first in decades – through a partnership with the University of the Philippines is part of a broad programme to improve Manila’s resiliency against anticipated shocks – such as annual typhoons – and unforeseen ones such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Improving the City of Manila’s resiliency capacity not only ensures Manila’s long-term survivabilty but also enhances its thriveability, creating new opportunities for progress and prosperity.

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Elevating disaster preparedness to new standards

“Project Alamo” will establish a world-leading, innovative resilience facility capable of providing for critical continuity of local and national government and key bureaucratic services in the event of a large-scale natural or manmade disaster or other event or activity, with additional innovative features.