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Green Spaces

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A cleaner and greener Manila


In 1905 famed US city planner Daniel Burnham was commissioned to develop the first modern urban plan for Manila. His plan envisioned a series of parks and greenways across the city, interlinked and connected. Mayor Isko is committed to "re-greening" the City of Manila, reclaiming and returning green space wherever possible.

Focus: Manila Civic Center

Greenways and bike paths connecting Manila


Connected parks, pedestrian walkways and bike paths will soon become a reality: the Manila Civic Center will expand Freedom Park, Bonifacio Shrine Park and Arroceros Entrance Plaza, with the three parks connected by pedestrian and bike lanes to Intramuros, the Museum district and soon, Roxas Boulevard and North of the Pasig River.



Reestablishing a beloved city center park


The current Manila Zoo will be reinvigorated with an emphasis on creating a compassionate urban oasis of flora and fauna.

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